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Experiment #240
Before there was an iPhone, there was Experiment #240. Experiment #240 - 421X Created in a basement, the project goes beyond what the creator originally imagined. Challenged by the idea, he went to work on what became a 4 week madness, eventually leading to 4 songs. Take A Ride is just that, a long colorful drive down the musical highway. The Rockn Raja challeges on many levels, the drums and imagery conjure visions across the world and down the street. Using the words of former Secrretary of State Condeleeza Rice and President Bush, I Work For The C.I.A. (Agent 421), is a prelude to a top secret comic series currently in production. Happy Train crosses over to a taste of dance rockabilly that makes it hard to stay in your seat. Released under 421X, have a taste of Experiment #240.

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Grandmother's Garden

A photobook coming soon, with grandmotherly advice and translations.